We're EDGE FOUR, our mission has been uncovering who an athlete is-
those hard to see motives behind their performance – Their WHY.

This is the key to cultivating true greatness.

We have teamed with leading psychologists, pouring over research, data and expert
insights, resulting in the unique E4 system.

The E4 process guides coaches to the heart of the Athlete. Straight to the intangibles.

It begins with a test. A proprietary, scientific, curated set of questions that uncover an
athlete’s true motives. Revealing not only the potential, but the watch-outs.
The roadmap to success.

So strengths can be magnified, limitations can be transformed and the player-coach
relationship can thrive.

Only then can you truly know your athlete... and spark greatness
in both them and your team.

Knowing your athlete is one thing.
But knowing their WHY is everything

Every coach could use an edge like that.

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